ReCycle is a conceptual bike shop located in Brooklyn, NY. ReCycle focuses on refurbishing bicycles and being a resource for the growing cyclist communities of Brooklyn and the rest of the New York area.

I wanted to bring something truly evocative of Brooklyn to this concept and to me that was typography. When i think of Brooklyn I think of seeing storefront signs along Flatbush, and course the distinctive bold type of the various subway lines.

So starting there I employed a few different type solutions (below). My inspiration came from two things (above), the storefronts of Brooklyn, specifically V.I.M & second the subway, specifically the station markers you find on street level.

Pushing the concept further, I leaned more toward the subway influence albeit with recycling still in mind. After playing with the type treatment, I begin exploring the general design aesthetic of the subway by Massimo Vignelli. This influence gave me a clear line through the design.

I introduced the subway card element and further refined it with it’s true to life shape, taking liberties as I minimized detail. Leaving behind the more obvious recycling symbol, I thought of the logo being functional as well and used the arrow as a way-finding element.